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Lourdes SilvaI want to create jewellery that has a sense of fantasy, femininity and beauty.

My inspiration is drawn from nature environment and subconscious thoughts. The sea life, forest and the exuberance of the tropical nature is what I try to transmit through my work. It's not about carrying a message. It's only meant as a visual composition or an ensemble for the pure delight of the spirit and eyes of the wearer/viewer.

The approach to my work is purely intuitive. Once I visualise an idea I start to work combining different materials such as silver, gold sheet and foil, rough stones, crystals, baroque pearls, amber, fossils. Sometimes I add colour by means of enameled silver beads, titanium and niobium. These materials complement each other in volume, texture and colour.

Lourdes Silva works and lives in Caracas, Venezuela.